SMLS Fencing Club to begin on September 5th! Click for details.

Fencing Club will begin on Tuesday, September 5th!

Students aged 8 years old and up are eligible to participate.  Click here for the registration packet: SMLS Fencing Club Registration Packet

The fee is $10 per session, and there will be 2 sessions per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students must commit to attend both days, every week. Payment is due at the beginning of each quarter, and is payable to SMLS. The first quarter fee is $130.00, due on or before 9/5/17, payable to SMLS.

*Please note: The Equipment fee of $114 is payable to “SW Florida Fencing Academy” and is due on or before September 5, 2017

See the link on the Athletics page for more info!